System Administration

Servers & Workstations
Currently, every business network converges in the centralization of its information and services. Therefore it is very important to maintain said data center (Data Center) in optimal physical and logical conditions.

Through our maintenance plans, designed according to this situation. We offer solvency from Server Administration to the end user. With constant attention from the Help Desk, by telephone and with remote access. On-site support complements any underlying issues that cannot be resolved remotely.

Data and Telecommunications Networks

Corporate networks have an invaluable utility when it comes to increasing company productivity by moving information both inside and outside the company in just milliseconds.

For this reason, the planning and implementation and integral assembly of a data network from the wiring to the Networking devices is very important. Since it is expected that it must have scalability to support changes of 5 to 10 years.

We offer highly qualified professionals in the field of structured cabling. Where all international standards and regulations are contemplated, delivering the network ready in certification conditions. Support and Configuration of Networking equipment with personnel certified by Cisco Systems.

Laying and fiber optic fusion works.

Software Development

In today's disruptive landscape, your software must be designed to adapt, just like your business. Not only do you need compatible code that works well with legacy systems, you also need specialized talent – people with the full range of experience to carry your vision into the future.

We work on product development or projects to obtain applications tailored to the needs of each organization.

Our seamless, end-to-end approach helps organizations improve responsiveness to user/customer and organizational demands.

Web Development

The WEB is the company's showcase in the digital world, an essential element for any type of organization as it represents the first point of contact with the customer on the Internet.

We design and develop the corporate website that fits the needs of each organization, and from the perspective of user experience (UX), that is, intuitive, friendly and easy to use.

Sale of Equipment and Licenses

Consulting in Legal Software
We have the sale of equipment to build any technological infrastructure necessary for your company. From Computer Equipment, to Networking.

Piracy tends to crumble, one of the reasons not being less important, the formation of entities to control legal software.

That is why we have inserted ourselves in the legal and licensed software advisory area, providing companies with information and possible actions in the event of a possible inspection. Helping them choose between free or proprietary software.

Technological Training

We know that the growth of a company is knowing how to develop the potential of the corporate work group, through training and education.

That is why we have equipped ourselves with certified teachers in the technological area currently active in education. And we have put together a customized training module, In Company, so that companies or entities can train their personnel in the technological area that they require, in their own facilities, without having to leave the building.

We combine technology, design and strategy in
the same product to achieve growth
of organizations and encourage them to move forward
in its development through innovation and
personalized advice, raising awareness
responsible use and exploitation
efficiency of technological resources.


We are a consultancy oriented to business evolution and technological growth. We accompany the improvement and modernization processes from a comprehensive technological perspective, maximizing efforts to reduce the environmental impact, managing and maintaining the technological infrastructure.


For inquiries or budget request you can write to us and we will contact you as soon as possible.